​Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid.

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In my practice of healing, I trust in angels, the divine presence of the Holy Spirit, and guides both on earth and not. My faith is a broad based belief in God. I was baptized a Christian and follow the example of Christ as Way-shower. My healing therapies rely on sacred ritual, this includes touch healing, sound therapy, prayer, and pranic and auric scanning and recommended spiritual exercises Mine is an authentic service, and you may find the authenticity surprising. Yet you do not need to believe what I believe or even have a religious Faith. You only need the beating of your Heart and your Will to follow through. For nothing stands outside of the Holy Spirit, and everything we do has multi-dimensional effects. We are all connected and all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.



Originally born in Chicago, Illinois, I was reared in part there and in part in Birmingham, Alabama in the USA. Initially, I attended high school and college in the South. I earned my Master’ degree and doctorate in the East and Midwest. I taught English and Literature. I discovered my sexual orientation.


I did not realize my healing gifts fully, and I hid my orientation. Nevertheless, I was determined to be a writer. In this time period, I wrote poetry, essays, and short stories, publishing and advancing my career as S. Diane Bogus. Published I’m Off to See the Goddamn Wizard, Alright! My work and interests have lead me across America, speaking in California, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Arizona, and many other of the States. My travels I have taken me to Egypt, China, and now Denmark, where I reside.


I married. Founded Woman in the Moon Publications(WIM) Divorced. And moved to Ohio to attend graduate school. I published many LGBT essays and anti-racial essays. Published Woman in the Moon, Sapphire’s Sampler, Her Poems, stories, and poetry. Moved to Ohio Undertook doctoral studies .

1985-1993-Completed doctoral studies. Earned Ph.D. Moved back to California. Broke up with lover. Wrote Dykehands and Sutras Erotic and Lyric. Continued publishing via Woman in the Moon. Found new love. Discovered my clairvoyance at Wimminfest in Abuquerque, New Mexico. Began occult and psychic inquiry and practice.

1986-2000—Published and taught in California. Hired and worked at DeAnza College. Published The Studenthood Reader, The New Age Reader, The Studenthood Primer, and The Chant of the Women of Magdalena, and For the Love of Men. Closed Woman in the Moon. Separated from long time love and associate.

2001-2006-Sold archives of Woman in the Moon to University of California, Berkeley and The Schomberg Library in New York. Established online advising as Sister Soul Joiner. Private practice. Hired promotional agent, Daffodil Promotions. Gave talks, readings, and promoted, The Gay and Lesbian Wedding Book. Bought home in Stockton, CA . Stuck by lightening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Life changing event.

2007-2012—Healing time. Treatments. Journal keeping. Series of interviews with Radio and Television. Online Counseling from home. Signed on with Oranum, psychic advising platform. Met future wife in chat room. Name change from Oracle Souljoiner to Oracle Shariananda.

2013-2018 --Moved to Denmark. New start. Married . Participation in DanInfo Psychic Fairs. Faciliatted workshops on healing, telepathy, dreams, discovering your own clairvoyant abilities, meditation, chanting. Provided All Expert.com email advising. Opened office. Wrote “Ask Shariananda” Column for Copenhagen Post weekly paper. Provided service for casting companies, including DSB,Hi Fi Klubbin, Danske Spill,Unibet,Skylark,Tuborg, Royal Danish School of Design, DR3.


Earlier in my career I have used the name Sister Soul-Joiner and have provided counseling for "Ask Now.com,", a division of Ambassador Psychic Services of Fresno, CA. Telephone Advising for Brass Unicorn of Florida, Skype Video Advising via Oranum.com, and travelled with Psychic Productions Psychic Fairs of Santa Cruz, as well as The Spiritual Church of Turlock Holistic Healing Fair. My associations include The Egyptian tour group Illuminati; The Bay Area Whole Life Expo, and The People to People Citizens' abassador's program 

In the past, I have conducted, meditation and writing workshops for the University of California, facilitated Ritual Initiations for the Nia Collective in California, provided instruction for the Learning Annex in San Francisco, provided professional development instruction at DeAnza College in Studenthood Training, given the key note speech to the Stockton Women’s Business Coalition. I have provided therapeutic sacred massage and healing for Anberry Rehabilitation Center, and a regular Reiki and Pranic Prayer and healing service for Unity of Merced, CA. My workshops include Dream Tracking, Telepathy and Chakra Trance Journeys. Many spiritual and esoteric topics can be found on my YouTube page. SUBSCRIBE!


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"Wonderful, spot on reading. Especially about where I am right today. My health, my career, my love life. She is extraordinary, and inspires me. Thanks, Shari.”

- Elizabeth, 80

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