​Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid.

Consultations & Fees​

Clairvoyance & Advisement​

1 Hour Clairvoyant Session (in Office)

1250 dkk / 200 US dollars

Session includes one-on-one preparatory consultation with clearing rose water spritz. Client provides minimal description of concern. Client and Oracle join hands in prayer and ritual breath work to connect their spiritual energies. Answers and Guidance come. Spirit directs the unexpected spot-on activity. Occasionally, a deceased one may come through with message. Session may use client-selected oracle cards or tarot to confirm the reading. The Oracle may also recommend specific spiritual exercises as homework. Follow up session recommended and may be booked in office.

45 Minutes “Online” or Phone Reading

750 dkk/150 USD

Client calls at prearranged time, either by Skype or other video online service. Client presents a single issue in a single area of life, such as marriage, children, health, work, new job, grief, loss, moving, family problems, “when”, “how”, legal, or financial matter. Oracle and client hold short silence on the matter. Oracle offers prayer for Heaven’s near support and immediate guidance. Client choses tarot deck (self-validating prophesy and connection)and makes a 3-card selection regarding Past, Present, and Future. Oracle interprets tarot intuitively and clairvoyantly regarding the matter with special attention to a specific and genuine explanation of the symbols, numbers, and colors and images in cards as regards only you. Follow up as reading suggests.

1 Question Reading by E-mail or Post

650 dkk / 100 US dollars

Client writes a clear question in a letter about any issue, matter, or concern. This could be a yes/no question, a should/shouldn’t question, a “why” “when” or “will/will not” “how” or what is/what is not delimma. The client may explain the background for the question or the reason for the inquiry. It may be useful to give age and gender or birthdate. The Oracle’s preparation to answer will have include meditation, prayer, and setting aside an hour wherein she will write up to 8000 characters (about 1500 words or less, or 1-3 pages). Your answer arrives by email within 48 hours. For post, use address​ on Contact page. Include self-addressed stamped envelop for reply. Follow up exchanges at reduced rates.

Healing & Hypnosis​

90 min. Healing Treatment — in Office

2000 dkk / 350 US dollars

Client should request the session in advance and will be given spiritual preparation prior to the appointment. Bath. Candle burning. Sacred Ritual. Light dresswear is best. Fruit or other offering is voluntary. All sessions includes an initial prayer. Client lays on bodywork table. Oracle guides one through chakras for energy blocks and painful memories or unresolved issues. The Oracle Shariananda is a certified Egyptian healer, massage therapist, and pranic healer.

The Oracle chants and attunes the aural field with chimes, spiritual, animal sounds and other sound therapy. The healing session includes, unique Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, Native American, and Eckist prayers. Hands-on touch to tender locations in the body. Sessions feature deep trance and continuous astral body scan. Very effective on unresolved emotional issues, metaphysical energy blocks, physical disability, disease, and heartbreak.​ Repeat treatments as needed. Follow up as suggested.

90 minute Hypnosis Treatment in Office

2000 dkk / 350 US dollars

Client makes appointment by phone. In office Treatment involves relinquishing free will and willingness to enter deep trance. The Oracle is a certified hypnotist.

Client must have specific desire to break a long time habit such as smoking, over eating, or drinking. Treatment is good for relinquishing anger, depression, and lack of progress. One can find the source for your own unacceptable behaviors and nonproductive ways of being. The Oracle uses soft voice, slow induction and gentle recall to help one go within to deep places. Hypnosis can aid one in reprograming one’s self for happiness and peace of mind as well as eliminate pain. Includes pre and post counseling.

Make an appointment today. Travel arrangements for treatment separate.

I am currently residing in Denmark. If you cannot make a personal appointment, You may arrange telephone, email, or online ( Skype) advising.


In Denmark

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konto: 0727216774

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Your appointment will be confirmed after payment is received. ​​​I look forward to seeing you.​​

Directions - Make an appointment:

Please fill out the form below and e-mail or mail by post it to the address provided.Indicate in the "Message" space which service you are requesting. Indicate the best time to call and date. You will receive a reply within 24 hours or sooner. You may also schedule directly by calling the number provided between 1:30 pm and 8:30 pm CET Mon--Sat.

Vote for a Workshop: Please look over the available list of workshops and select the ones you would be interested in. Please indicate your preference by numbering 1-5 with 1 being your first choice. Include your selections in the message box. All workshops are 3 hours and include snacks and breaks. The price for the workshops can be based pr. person or can be based on a group rate. There will be a minimum of 5 people or up to 25 people in one workshop. Prices vary but they can be as low as 500kr. DKK pr. person and 250 kr DKK pr. person on a group rate.

​Contact info

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email: shariananda@gmail.com

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Mailing/post adress - by appointment only:​

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