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BasicCPH.com • Location: København 2200• Phone/Email: +45 4031 1317

Height: 160cm • Weight: 72kg • Breast: 123cm • Hip: 112cm • Shoe: 38 Hair Colour: Mixed black • Length of hair: Short • Stage Age: 45​

Product Spokesperson Profile

Highly creative and self-motivated professional with solid experience in front of camera and behind the microphone, animating characters, representing brands, and rendering voice to reach out to public. Skilled at effectively communicating with large and small groups, conveying message, and generating positive public reaction. Specialist with a knack for communicating director’s/producer’s creative message through physical embodiment of characters from the script. Deft at instilling team cohesion and inspire team members both on and off the set to strive towards achievement of common creative objectives. Possess expert fluency in English language.

Agency Experience

  • Basic CPH, Sisi, København, Denmark (2018)
  • TV 3 Casting, Katja, København, Denmark (2018)
  • Statist Casting. Karin København, Denmark (2018)
  • Art Craft, Nina, København, Denmark (2016)
  • Raw Casting, Yunus Cetiner, København, Denmark (2014)
  • On-Line Casting, Casper Jensen, København, Denmark (2014)
  • Integrity Casting, Toni Suti, San Jose, CA (2004 - 2012)
  • Nancy Hayes Casting, Nancy Hayes, San Francisco, CA (2004 - 2007)
  • Explore Talent, online casting, Las Vegas, NV (2003)

Commercial/Product Representation Experience

  • Fresh & Fruity, “dancing celebrant” VENNFILMS, Maria Tangsgaard, København, Denmark (2017)
  • DANSKESPIL “married elder woman” Martin Werner director, København, Denmark (2016)
  • Tuborg Beer “tourist at slotte” with Mads Mikkelsen, København, Denmark (2016)
  • Royal Danish School of Design “Environmental Activist” Design team (2016)
  • UNIBET, “psychic sports predictions”, Alina Alta director’s assist., København, Denmark (2016)
  • DSB “Passenger” director Martin Werner, København/Skænborg, Denmark (2016)
  • HIFI KLUBBEN “Volatile Neighbor” Raw Casting, København, Denmark (2014)
  • PSI Corp. Visions “Political Spokesperson” Matt Dickson, Reno, NV (2007)
  • AT&T ”Lady with the Dog” in-house training film, Santa Cruz, CA (2006)
  • PRO-WHEEL-CHAIRS Protest Leader, Nancy Hayes Casting, San Jose, CA (2002)
  • STARBUCKS “Passerby” Talent Partners, Burbank, CA (2002)

Print/Still /Modeling Experience

  • Skylark Productions, “promotional stills for pilot “Roomates”, Denmark (2016)
  • Max’s Photography “photography model” Sunnyvale, CA (2004 - 2007)
  • Steven Colton “Stock Photography” “Bay Area Gay shoot”, San Francisco, CA (2007)
  • Francine’s Stock Photography, Ventura, CA “tennis shoot” (2007)

Theatre Experience

  • Merchant of Venice, Director - Heike Hambly, Playhouse Merced, 2012
  • “Mink Coat Moment” Monologue, Santa Cruz Playhouse, SZ, CA 2007
  • In God’s Image, Director - Manuel Ortiz, Santa Cruz Playhouse, 2006
  • Amen Corner, Director - Ethel Pitts Walker, San Jose State University,2004
  • The Actor’s Nightmare, College Production, SJSU Theatre (2003)
  • Faces of the Goddess” one woman show, KIM Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1993)
  • Bus Stop, “Emma”, 1967, College Roadshow Production​

Film/On-Camera Experience

  • Jul Kalendar: ”mourner at wake”- TV3, Director Assistant - Katja, København, Denmark (2018)
  • Ricky and Bobby, urban film, “crying mother”, Director - Anders Hynding, København, Denmark (2017)
  • Gultand - a short monlogue comedy, “island woman”, Director - Alex Lauritzen, København, Denmark (2016)
  • Jenny’s Alone, short, “Sam, the principal”, Director - Jay Kinsinger, Santa Cruz, CA (2007)
  • “The Oracle Speaks”Shariananda Host and Producer, Palo Alto Community Cable (2006)
  • The Blazé” Feature film, Producer -Ralph Peduto (deceased), Ironcast Films (2005)
  • Radio/Broadcast/Voice Over Experience
  • Morning Music, Public Service Announcer “Electric Morning Meditation”, SJSU, 90.5 FM San Jose State University Radio, San Jose, CA (2002 - 2004)
  • Spokesperson - Democratic Progressive Agenda, Las Vegas, NV (2007)
  • Alabama, Announcer: news, community, and recorded music, WTUG Radio 92.9 FM Tuscaloosa (l968-1969, Al 1968-69)

Education & Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in 20th Century American Literature, Miami University, USA
  • Acting Module 2 with Lotte Arnberg , The Actors Theatre, København, Denmark (2018)
  • Acting Module 1 with Lotte Arnberg , The Actors Theatre, København, Denmark (2017)
  • Black Children’s Theatre Internship with Philip Walker, San Francisco, California
  • Improvisation at Fun Institute Clifford and Dixie Santa Cruz, CA
  • Acting on Camera with film actor Ralph Peduto (deceased), Santa Cruz, CA
  • Stage Acting, Theatre and Radio, Television Film, SJSU, Ethel Walker
  • Acting I - San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
  • Acting II - San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
  • Voice Over Training SJSU Beverly Swanson
  • Las Dance and Suzuki Movement, SJSU Tom Nelis and Stage Craft Troop
  • Acting on Camera, private classes, Lisa Steinmetz, Angeles, CA
  • Teleprompter Training De Anza College Audio/Visual Department, Cupertino, CA​​

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