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Dr. Shariananda Adamz

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Tel: +45 50 56 37 17

email: shariananda@gmail.com 

email: sdiane.adamz@facebook.net 

skype: shariananda.adamz

Mailing/post adress - by appointment only:

Denmark, Copenhagen:

OS:Global Healing Therapies/

c/o Zoneterapi: Tina Moenbeck

Østerbrogade 115

2100 København Ø


Dr. Shariananda Adamz Oracle

172 E Bellevue Road, 21

Atwater, California 95301, USA

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Please fill out the form below and e-mail or mail by post it to the address provided.Indicate in the "Message" space which service you are requesting. Indicate the best time to call and date. You will receive a reply within 24 hours or sooner. You may also schedule directly by calling the number provided between 1:30 pm and 8:30 pm CET Mon--Sat.

Vote for a Workshop: Please look over the available list of workshops and select the ones you would be interested in. Please indicate your preference by numbering 1-5 with 1 being your first choice. Include your selections in the message box. All workshops are 3 hours and include snacks and breaks. The price for the workshops can be based pr. person or can be based on a group rate. There will be a minimum of 5 people or up to 25 people in one workshop. Prices vary but they can be as low as 500kr. DKK pr. person and 250 kr DKK pr. person on a group rate.

​Contact info

Tel: +45 50 56 37 17​

email: shariananda@gmail.com

email: sdiane.adamz@facebook.net 

skype: shariananda.adamz​

Mailing/post adress - by appointment only:​

OS:Global Healing Therapies/​

c/o Zoneterapi: Tina Moenbeck​

Østerbrogade 115​

2100 København Ø​



Dr. Shariananda Adamz Oracle​

172 E Bellevue Road, 21​

Atwater, California 95301, USA

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