The Christo Chant

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The Christo

Many years ago, I975, to be exact, I began to practice Transcendental Meditation. One of the promises of the Maharishi Yogananda was that in time we practitioners would come into Cosmic Consciousness.
Since then, I have gradually grown into more and more inner knowledge and discovered greater spiritual knowledge. Much has come to me as insights and sudden realizations over the years; even my gifts of clairvoyance and healing arrived in the wake of my continuing to practice meditation twice a day over these many years.

Of course, “cosmic consciousness” can be described in many ways, but as I understand it in my life, it is the sense of real and undeniable access to spiritual information and ancient wisdom filtered through my third eye, dreams, and in the silence of meditation. It is knowing God within.

Jesus has been my path to God and one day in 2010, I heard this song coming out of a meditation. It was a chant of His mighty name. And I sang it, and it stayed with me, and since then, I have found that it heals and lifts, inspires and touches. It is the reverent singing of several of His Many names: Christo,(Christ) Jesus (pronounced Hey Sus) Jeshua, (yes you are) Emmanuel. These names I sang in a round as if I had always known this adoration.

These days I use it to lay hands and to free clients from pain. You do not have to be Christian to sing it nor to have it work. You need only faith that the breath you use to sing it is faith enough to answer your prayer.

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