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Psychic source - Where do you get your answers from?...


Shariananda, When you do psychic readings, where do you get the answers from? Do all psychics get their answers from the same source? I've heard psychics on television say they get it from their spirit guides. I heard Dr. Phil, a talk show hosts, say that women have the ability to just know things. Where does the knowing come from? Thanks



Dear Gina

​I am so glad you asked me that! That is one of the best questions I have ever been asked on this site.

When I started as a "psychic" it came upon me like a bolt of lightning. I was doing a performance pretending to give answers to a warm up audience who came to see my one-woman show. One of my characters in that show was a "fake' psychic who was giving stupid and obvious advice like "you're going to get a letter." "You will get a new pair of shoes." "Your food will taste good." (This was generated from my brain and sense of humor.) But then, without knowing how or why, I started to say things I had not thought of nor was I aware that I knew them. I told one lady that she was pregnant and afraid because she didn't have a husband. And she was shocked! It was true and she said no one knew that but her. You think she was shocked, I was too! I got so scared. I didn't know what had happened to me. But there I was on stage giving instant readings into people's lives without a clue as to how I knew these things.

Because I am a Christian, I was afraid this was a demon possession, but as I got used to things and prayed and went to several other psychics and people in the field to ask. I began to read and I trusted that if I had been given this gift of knowing it was for the best.

Since then, I have gathered new beliefs in angels and the idea that my deceased relatives speak to me.

I know I have someone with me all the time (guardian angels) because in 2006 I was struck by lightning and a voice spoke to me to lie still, and that prevented me from having a heart attack. So who are my guides? I do not know them all, but i accept that they are of the Good. I like thinking they are angels and my relatives and my unseen guardian, but some comes in dreams some in daydreams and during meditation. So, I am open to receive and trust, as I said, that it all comes from the good. God is Spirit. That which comes from him comes in spirit and truth. So, my answer to you is that my answers come from God, from his tools and means. I am protected and I do not fool around . I an honest and if I do not know, I do not say I do. Hope this helps.

Moving forward


Dear Oracle Shariananda,

I left my husband 18 months ago due to his anger issues over a period of 5 years while we were together. I built up walls to protect myself and tried to be strong by finally leaving. I was homeless for the first 6 months but finally sort refuge in a shelter for women. I attend meditation classes, groups, counseling and read. I also successfully finished a nursing course last month and moved into my own place but I am finding it hard to feel good about myself so I can move on and feel confident. I feel stuck. It is affecting my health with recently being diagnosed with IBS. So I’m stuck mentally and physically. Can you please advise me.


Dear K,

I greet you now with good news: you are made well in the name of the God I serve.

He (She/It) wants nothing but your health, wholeness, freedom, and joy. In the name of his Son ,I send the Love of God on wings now.” THAT IS GIVEN. SNZ K, you are so far out in front of yourself with your dreams of stability and empowerment.

Girlfriend, how many battered or abused or misused woman can say what you have just said? You are a victor of the highest kind. It is extraordinary that you have been able to come through so much in little under two years and now have your life to yourself. You have done so well–possibly as an overachiever–that you have not slowed down to assess where you have been and where you go from here.

You have been helped and protected, although you probably feel like it was uphill all the way. You are not alone now. If you found me, then you are being strongly directed because I am a beacon like a lighthouse by the shore. God only sends me those who are ready to hear. READY?

Take it easy. When the Lord gets ready for your next step, it will be so apparent. It’s as though you just ran a hundred yard dash in .00 seconds and you are now breathless, tired, exhausted and needing rest, but you want to line up at the next Start for the next race.

No need to push. None at all. You need to continue with your meditations. You need to take your medicine for IBS(what is that?) and you need to rest. Even Jesus rested after every encounter with the massive crowds that followed him.

People have already told you this. So, I will tell you that what you are calling “being stuck mentally and physically” is just down time to catch up with yourself. The entire movement from him to your new home has been rapid transformation, like coming out of a comma of 20 years and still thinking it is yesterday. You just need to be good to you. When your natural rhythms return, you’ll be using that nursing training and your experience through this period to help others. I warn you now–do not believe in ill health. Believe in wholeness and recovery. That is where you are.

Just in case you think I am talking outside of your experience, know that I was struck by lightning in 2006 and my life took a nose dive. I had to come back from the injuries and all the ugly and resentful things I thought about those who did not–to my way of seeing things–come to my aid. I had to learn to trust God, the days of healing, and to find the off button to my mind that kept telling me tired and resentful things. That is the nature of healing and you are out in front of the process. Trust that. Trust your process. This is my advice. The next step will come of its own accord when your mind, body, and spirit are really ready.

Comment: I totally believe in the advice given to me. Why didn’t I think of that myself! Thank you so very much.

No Talking – Month



So about a month ago my girlfriend stopped answering me and communicating with me (It’s a long distance relationship due to my dad’s job) and I was just wondering, do you see me talking to her again or at least my life getting a little better? Thank you,


Hello B–

I have to be honest with you, you are in a pickle. You do not have your freedom to make choices about going to her or redirecting your life.

I gather that you are underage or depend upon your father. As long as that is true, your life is not your own. You also have lots of things to work out in your life, maybe work, school, or other obligations of time and effort. You cannot adequately attend to your love’s needs. So, she is not as close as she was once, and she is testing you. If you want her, you will have to make a move. Start by sending flowers and a letter of your intention. But be sure to ask her if she has someone new. Are you ready to do that?

Comment: Thank you very much. All the best.


My angels and my spirit guides



I want to contact my angels and my spirit guides. I’m not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ”here and now”. Please tell me how to contact my angels and my spirit guides? Please give me a message from them. I’m male, 31 years old. Many blessings.


Hello A. Thanks for asking me. I honor your transformation from not knowing into knowing. Welcome. You have taken the next step to your own inner wisdom and empowerment.

You can best contact them directly–since guided meditations do not work effectively–by buying a touchable oracle: The Ascended Masters oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. It will give you a broad idea of the great energies which inform your life and are available for guidance daily–moment to moment.

Also, an investigation into power animals or spirit guides will give you a more here and now sense of things when you do start to see animals over and over again in situations. They teach and they inform, they guide, also.

Your own personal guides may be of several varieties. They will make themselves known in dreams. You may want to just ask for someone to make themselves known when you sleep.

I am allowed to ask your guides for their messages or names, but it is actually your duty and your power. I would rather not. It feels intrusive. If you have deceased relatives, a brother, a grandmother, your father, a favorite aunt, you can be sure they nudge you away from danger or error in times when you change your mind for no particular reason. You can ask them to make their presence felt–like angels do–but open all of your senses. smell, sound, taste (of course, touch and sight). They come as strangers or as express words spoken by others in public places or TV.

I have angels and high spirit guides with me, Archangel Michael and St. Germaine. I also have my grandmother and uncle with me. I have named two of my angels Cory and Monty. So in the place of knowing, you can assign names to those who come to you. It is okay. They just want to be acknowledged and they are not attached to names. They are energies that change and morph over time and in each life. I am told to tell you to “Lighten up” and To “trust the message of the Fisherman (Jesus)”. Do you understand that?

Comment: Thank you! This has helped me a lot!

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