I often say, “I amaze myself!” and I suppose I should warn you that I am like a many armed Shiva. My reach is multi-dimensional. I find my life connects back to heaven from whence I come, and into lifetimes glimpsed in dreams. I am awake to my Spiritual roots and soul heritage. I want to share the gift of that knowing. Pushed and prompted by the Holy Spirit, I have journeyed from small town roots to international cities, all the while encountering the challenges and the trials that any human being experiences. I have had to learn trust, patience, self-control, forgiveness and to embrace my joy. Many of my gifts I simply discovered, and had to arrive by taking risks and opportunities.

Birth and travels

Originally born in Chicago, Illinois, I was reared in part there and in part in Birmingham, Alabama in the USA. I attended high school and college in the South. I earned my Master’ degree and doctorate in the East and Midwest. School became a way of life for me as I developed and grew into the woman I am today. My work and interests have lead me across America, speaking in California, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Arizona, and many other of the States. My travels I have taken me to Egypt, China, and now Denmark, where I reside.

Churches and changes
My growth and education have lead me through churches of every Faith and educational institutions aplenty. My studies include literature (symbology), social science, broadcast and public speaking, new thought, hypnosis, massage, pranic healing, reiki, life-coaching, publishing and children’s theatre. Like many of us, I sought Self-knowledge outside of myself; this included absolution in prayer and confession; confirmation in role models and movie characters, and identity in acting, writing, and temporary jobs. As I was so different from my family and so unusual among my friends and kin, I set off in the world, as an independent female to fight for gay rights, civil rights, women’s rights and, against justice as I discovered it. My search was my path. My jumbled identity became my empowerment. My changes and turn-abouts have brought me through the socio-political movements of my times in the United States and a catastrophic life change after a lightning strike injury that redirected my focus to God, my true purpose on earth.

The Oracle's name

Through gentle travel and forced upheaval, I have found my purpose as a Light Worker known as “the Oracle” (because I channel spontaneously clairvoyantly with no forethought or memory). I have experienced an incredible transformation in merging my identity as Dr. SDiane Adamz Bogus, educator, poet-writer with the anointed Shariananda Adamz, healer and seer, yet this path, strewn with injury and loss, global travel and initiations, trainings and certifications has lead me to you.


Along the way, I prayed and chanted, meditated and purified (continual practice). Made lists of what I wanted, and kept journals of my progress. And like you, and the very planet earth itself, I unfolded and am unfolding—

Mind and heart blessings

In my mind and heart I live in a heaven of metaphysical and worldly blessings. I have a life partner who supports me so completely that I often weep for the joy and wonder of it. I experience precognitive dreams and visions, and I am told things through my senses and intuition. I am grateful and gratified to be of service. Yet I still have my challenges—for no one escapes the human condition. I must daily balance and remember my high ideals to give and receive love, to release negativity and to help where I can. A mandate to share, comfort, teach, heal and awaken is written on my soul. But if you have come to my site, you already have an idea about that. So, it’s not really about me; it’s what can I do for you, with you?​

Client comforts

You can expect focused and direct attention to your concern. The office is comfortable. There is good air to breathe and the interesting accoutrements of symbolic miniatures, candles, and good lighting. You are given a comfortable seat, a glass of water or tea, and a little comfort table. But you must come in to experience that. Your privacy is respected and we do not pretend. Clients often experience confirmation chills, tears of joy and release, and the validation of having being heard in spirit and in truth.

​We attend to your needs and address them in prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit. It is quite an intense but fully satisfying session.

Telephone and on-line Sessions

Talking on the telephone is old-fashioned, warm but indirect. By cell phone, it's common and somewhat hasty. Talking on-line via a face to face provider is direct but somewhat confrontational for strangers. I feel more intimate looking you in the eye. So if you are shy, of course, let's talk by phone or email. Make an appointment, come to the office for a cup of tea . Let's connect more deeply.   Click here to Contact

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Appearances & Workshops

You may also find me at DanInfo Fairs in Copenhagen -“Mystikkens Univers” and “Krop, Sind, Sjael”, in the Fall of each year, and at the beginning of the Year. Here, with the aid of my partner, I do short demonstration readings and large workshop presentations.

Dream Tracking, Telepathy and Chakra Trance Journeys. Mine is a global healing avocation. Recently, I have provided online spiritual readings, and advising for Oranum.com. These days I provide Services pro bono for "All Expert.Com". We welcome the opportunity to work with the Denmark’s Clairvoyant community and the World Psychic community.

Earlier in my career I have used the name Sister Soul-Joiner and have provided counseling for "Ask Now.com,", a division of Ambassador Psychic Services of Fresno, CA. Telephone Advising for Brass Unicorn of Florida, Skype Video Advising via Oranum.com, and travelled with Psychic Productions Psychic Fairs of Santa Cruz, as well as The Spiritual Church of Turlock Holistic Healing Fair. My associations include The Egyptian tour group Illuminati; The Bay Area Whole Life Expo, and The People to People Citizen Ambassador Program.

In the past

In the past, I have conducted, meditation and writing workshops for the University of California, facilitated Ritual Initiations for the Nia Collective in California, provided instruction for the Learning Annex in San Francisco, Provided professional development instruction of DeAnza College in Student hood Training, given the key note speech to the Stockton Women’s Business Coalition, I have provided therapeutic sacred massage and healing for Anberry Rehabilitation Center, and a regular Reiki and Pranic Prayer and healing service for Unity of Merced, CA.

​Oracle Shariananda`s Global Healing Therapies shariananda@gmail.com • Tel.: +45 50 56 37 17