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                                  Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid

There are no accidents and few coincidences..

In my practice of healing, I trust in angels, the divine presence of the Holy Spirit, and guides both on earth and not, Mine is an authentic service and you may find the authenticity surprising. Yet you do not need to believe what I believe or even have a religious Faith. You only need the beating of your Heart and your Will to follow through. For nothing stands outside of the Holy Spirit, and everything we do has multi-dimensional effects. We are all connected. My healing therapies rely on sacred ritual, this includes touch healing, sound therapy, prayer, and recommended spiritual exercises.

You may know me already. So much the better. You already know the power of affirmation, of mindful breathing, or the power and empowerment in a chant or a song. Even your own name holds power. What a blessing and miracle for us. Discover the sweet magic in our meeting. You may already know me by word of mouth, or from classes I have taught or via my published work. You may have followed me on Facebook or via my Online work. That’s good. Best of all, if you have already received a healing or life-changing spiritual consultation, or participated in a workshop at a psychic or holistic fair, it remains that I am always available to serve your life. It is my Purpose.

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